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  1. thanks my issue has been fixed.
  2. Hello, I would like to ask why, if I activate something in your branch and sign a contract or an addendum, another addendum will come home to me ... e.g. Magio Go (4x - unnecessarily ... 10 unnecessary papers). Why it is not accepted, what the customer chooses and contracts. Why this other administration. I've been in the telecom since about 2000 ... of course it was always a different name, but I was extremely satisfied until 31.12.2014. Since January 2015, I have dealt with at least two complaints and, of course, unprofessional submission of information to the client and implementation. Only now, in August, did I finally get to the man at Bory Mall, who knew what he was talking about and gave clear information and didn't mislead me with any side-by-side actions. I knew the exact amount and content of my contract. Can someone explain to me why the system will generate you on the basis of a new contract ... something ... and you then send it to the client several times as a company ... ??? damage to paper and tangling of the client. After all, your clients are not all educated and sometimes they do not understand everything you send. Unequivocally, if I contract something, it should be clear and understandable in the contract and no other matters and additions should be sent and you are also lying in the cover letter that I activated the service by phone .... Try to think of the client as a "stay "make it as pleasant as possible in the telecom and keep it as long as possible and not do everything to make it spin properly. thanks iosman