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  1. On the 25.07.2016 I’ve concluded a new contract with T-mobile to start using the corporate number as my private number. Since that time the call-services are not available on my phone (4 days at the moment). When I applied to T-mobile office in Aupark (Bratislava), the employees of T-mobile rejected my request to cancel the contract. They say that it’s just a technical problem. Even when I call to T-mobile call center (Zakaznicka linka 0800123456) I hear the message: “Ne je mozna volat za dane cislo” (Sorry, i do not know how to write I correctly in Slovakian). I visited T-mobile office 4 times and I lost a lot of time on that. How can I cancel the contract in order not to be charged by T-mobile at the end of the month for the services that the company does not provide to me?